About us.

Here at RumWolf we strive to bring to life the best you we can. With well over half a decade of experience, and many more years engaged in art; your other you is in loving hands.

Vincent (PizzaShep) has always straddled the line between art and science. He found his love for sculpture and creating living works of art while pursing a duel major in Computer Science and Art. After making a few costumes for friends, it became clear how impactful his work could be to people. Through years studying how to create sustainable businesses he also realized a distinctive lack of customer service in existing artists. This and his own personal moral code has lead an unyielding drive to deliver some of the best customer service in the industry!

Rumwolf Studios is a highly driven team of one! Everything you see on our suits comes from the mind of one individual. All odds and ends such as claws and noses are made in house. The only thing we don’t create ourselves is the fur and thread. Quality is a core tenant at Rumwolf. This is made expressly apparent in the furs we use. Fur selection is intended to bring out the best in your creation. We source our fur wold wide to give you the very best we can.

Technology and technique are also foremost in our work. We reinvent our head bases yearly to keep things interesting and so we can pursue continued improvement. While bringing your new self to life, we know you want the most freedom possible. By seeking lighter materials and experimenting with new designs, Our durability, visibility, and wearability continue to improve.